Monday December 13, 2004

See, look at this. I post this really cool thing and get six comments on it, two of them were about the post itself. Then when I posted absolutely  nothing I got 11 comments. What is up with that?

5 thoughts on “Monday December 13, 2004

  1. Ducky1

    it’s one of those things… people comment if they think of somethign to say.
    people comment lots if they think of a million things to say. ^^
    blank leaves a lot of room for talkage.
    If I move somewhere, I don’t plan on it being backwoods.
    but I don’t mind visiting. lol!
    backwoods is scary. I once got left in a cabin backwoods.
    I was SO scared!
    I also got left in a cheap hotel in Washington DC.
    that wasn’t scary… so strange… πŸ˜›


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