Friday December 3, 2004

So I want to change my profile pic. Is it a crime? Just because I find all these cool pictures that you didn’t doesn’t mean that you are not cool. It just means that I am cooler.

So for one of my friday nights that I have free, Josh is out of town, I hung out with Andrew yesterday, and Kim is busy. So I am sitting here typing a post thinking that I am a big loser. A big loser that is cooler than all of you because he as so many cool display pics.

2 thoughts on “Friday December 3, 2004

  1. Ducky1

    hey but losers have more fun!!!
    eh, spanish was just kindsta boring. 😛
    oh man, you shoulda hopped in your teleporter and came over to hawaii for the evening.
    we had a blast!
    anyway… good weekend to ya.

  2. IceAngelGA

    I did homework and wrote papers for my friday. That makes me the coolest loser. Oh yeah, and I talked to you. Wow I just can’t get over how “on” you were last night. Great setups by yours truly however… 🙂


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