Sunday December 5, 2004

So I was driving on the Soulsbyville road, between Black Oak and Tuolumne, when I see a truck coming fast in the other direction. It looks like it will be in my lane so I slow down, and the truck freaks out. He is going in to the corner too fast and needed to cut it but doesn’t want to hit me so he straightens his wheels right in to the bank. He hits it and turns his truck on it side. I pull over and get out my cellphone. I call 911 as the people in the car behind me get out to see if he is okay. I have to ask him if he needs an ambulance and I notice that his windows are kind of fogged up. And it smells bad. By then other people are there and they are trying to get him out. The truck is lying on the driver’s side, but it is missing two rear windows. So we tear off the plastic and the duct tape, but he is too fat to fit still. He ends up crawling out the top. Doors are heavy by the way. He crawls out and it really stinks now, like burnt pizza.

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