Friday October 29, 2004

My bed taunts me. It is calling me to lay on it and close my eyes and drift off to far away lands. But I can’t reach it. It needs sheets. I hear it again. It is calling my name. With fancy titles and sweet whispers. My shoulders long to be held in its warm embrace, to feel it supporting me and easing my worries away. When I am with it, tomorrow seems further away, but is now a step closer than it ever was. My feet desire to be freed from their bindings and relieved of their burden. To walk in a land free, without a care or master. My eyes long to lose their sight for an season of rest, to see without seeing. The cuts on my hands are aching for the time were they get the attention they need, to be lavished on by no one. I leave you now, I need to go and pack for my journey, I shall return soon. If I don’t, don’t miss me or long for me, I have simply found a place on my journey that I don’t want to leave. I leave you now, I bid you all a very fond farewell.

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