Friday October 29, 2004

So tonight I went to the haunted house again. This time with Kim and Kim’s friend Jen. I almost died in the pitch black maze part. Jen had one arm, Kim had the other and  they both wanted to go seperate directions. Through me. I was being pushed over. But I did have fun, they screamed at everything. I laughed at them screaming.
It is actually are really good haunted house for being put on by the 4H. It cost 5 dollars to get in, I would pay 4, but it is for a good cause. My fragmented sentences have run out, I shall stop talking…

1 thought on “Friday October 29, 2004

  1. Kami_01

    Yay!! Your post made me remember. Jen did scream A LOT!! Lol. The maze is now my favorite part. Josh said he would go. Now we just need to get Andrew.


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