Monday October 18, 2004

I am haunted by dreams and visions that leave with the dawn. Revelations brought by the sun leave at its presence. My epiphanes of early morning relfection wash away with the dirt of my shower. I forget what I am thinking in the morning.

This is a song from a long time ago that I just found. Maybe I will take it out and polish it up some.

Your name is honey on my lips,

Your deeds are running though my mind.

Your breath is the air in my lungs

Your will is Lord over mine.

And I am running from me,

I am running to You,

I am running to be

On my knees before you.

4 thoughts on “Monday October 18, 2004

  1. Ducky1

    I hate how that is in the morning.
    in fact… that’s how it probly will be.
    this is early, and I’ll have forgotten I commented and will freak out later when I see that I commented arready.

  2. Kami_01

    I could say I liked it, but that doesn’t mean anything to you now. I’ll have to explain it in words I understand and you don’t. So until next time… I like it.


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