Monday October 18, 2004

I just got a myspace. It is at and it is freaking confuing. I love my xanga and it is so cool. But all my friends from high school have one, and I want to talk to them. Andrew I charge you with the duty of keeping me straight. If I start to neglect my Xanga, you need to tell me.
Now back to the site of much confusion. *sigh*

5 thoughts on “Monday October 18, 2004

  1. IceAngelGA

    one of my friends got a myspace… I think I’ll have to go see what it’s like.
    Wow… your profile pic is a little disturbing. Is that what you were cooking the mongolian beef on Sunday? (no wonder A.H. thought that poor beef was calling him!)

  2. HarpistGrrl

    stalking? who?! why would you think you’re being stalked?!??! …what? are you hearing noises? …those’re the rats eating!!!! I don’t know what they’re eating…but they are!!!

    I seriously had a scary experience with rats earlier today…but I think that that was my sister scaring me from afar (she told a weird story)…but yes…that was a nice rant at someone I don’t know…oh well! I like commenting on stuff!


    ps: I PROMISE I’m not insane……..I think…pwala…


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