Thursday April 1, 2004

Well, what if our very being was against love? Follow me here, I will try to be clear. Love is just chemicals in your brain. There is nothing wrong with that because everything in your brain is chemicals. Memories, feelings, and the such. There are two types of love as you should all know, the passionate kind when you first fall in love and the deeper personal connection that binds two people together. The first type of love is caused by a chemical that is very similar to a narcotic, it makes you feel like you are walking on air when the person is with you. As we all know that the feeling wears off. It only last about three years. The brain just stops producing that chemical when you are with that person. That time can be extended by having children. But only for about another three years. That is were we get the “seven year itch”. We hope that the passion chemical is replaced by the chemical that makes the long lasting deep love before too long. This is the way that we are, but it wasn’t the way that God intended us to be. When creation fell, our bodies fell too (my thought). That is why we have cancer, that we are sinful from birth, and why I think that the divorce rate is so high. But does that give us a reason to fail?

Anyway, it helps if you scream “Unity!” at your eggs. They go together better that way.

7 thoughts on “Thursday April 1, 2004

  1. Passive_Spastic

    Very well put but I don’t think our bodies fight against love.  God made us to love, that is our purpose therefore our bodies must align with the spirit.  Love should fight to keep love alive, tis true love I think.

  2. klayman_14

    firstly, as a personal belief, i think that ‘man’ was was born with eternal life… God told adam that if he ate from that tree then he would die…. it was when man and woman ate form that tree that we get old and die…. its not a perfect theory but it makes sense to me…. all of my eggs were stupid pathetic incompetent retards!!!! that wouldn’t fit together!! 


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