Thursday June 10, 2004

So this is a prlimianary plan, on the 19th or 20th we are going to do something for my birthday and you are all invited. Now I just need to find out something to do…

5 thoughts on “Thursday June 10, 2004

  1. beautiful_letdown17

    If that is your eyeball…I want it. Do you know how bad I want green eyes? No of course not…but gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I do i do i do. Mine are just poopy brown-ish green. I hope they turn green someday……..

  2. Passive_Spastic

    Yes!  Jump off of something!  There are lot’s of things to jump off of around my house.  We could go out of town to jump off of things!  I could always find something to jump off of.

  3. NoInformationProvided

    I’d kinda hope that if my life were a movie it’d be in three parts.. the trilogy of me.. and the second one would be everyone’s favorite.. yea..

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 I thought no one read my journal


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