Wednesday June 9, 2004

     So, I have a new added stress in my life. The other day Mr. Heisinger told me about a job in the company that he works for. The job is (from what I understand) is testing concrete. My Dad explained it as taking some of the concrete that construction crews use in the buildings and make some little pillars. Then cure them and stick them in a machine that crushes them. Then they know how much weight the concrete can take in the buildings and stuff. The job has good pay with excellent benefits, so I really want this job. And right now, anything can beat raking for two days straight.
     And so my added stress is that I really want the job but I don’t have it yet. I don’t know if God will let me have it. I am competing with some other people for the job and well, I am afraid that I will be found wanting. Plus, my current job is something that I will feel bad just leaving. I know these people, and most of them are Christians.
     So will you guys pray that God will put me (or keep me) where He wants me to be?

Peace and love and that stuff,

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