Tuesday December 7, 2004

So I went to work ready for an all-meeting. I got there and it was cancelled because of the snow. And I didn’t have any clothes to wear to work in the snow so I came back here. Yep. Now I am bored. Any one have any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “Tuesday December 7, 2004

  1. Ducky1

    oh man! what a great profile pic!
    you just want to… hug it or pet it or something!
    except… it also looks like it could bite your hand or head off…
    so it’s more like something you stand on the opposite side of the room and go, “awwwww” at.

  2. luvz2laugh04

    uhhh. ok? lol. do you know someone that i know? like, how did you get my xanga name? and, i dont get the whole “if you dont eat, you dont have drama” enlighten me.


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