Monthly Archives: July 2005

Wednesday July 27, 2005

    I wait. The air in my lungs burns. Just a few moments longer. Just thirty seconds. I grip the rock tighter, still looking. Looking for the difference in the sickly yellow-brown-green color that can only be seen at this time of day. Back and forth, back and forth, I look. Ten seconds left. Back and forth, back and forth. Nothing. I let go of the rock and push my self up. I can’t kick or it will stir up the bottom too much. Take a breath now. Adjust the knife in your hand. Stay up a little longer, you will be able to stay down longer. Alright, now!
    I shift my weight and go down. I find the comfortable grip on my rock. Back and forth. Back and forth. There!
    A shape, a shadow, just outside the four feet that i can see. It comes closer, the same sickly color as everything around it. My eyes lock on. Steady now, just a little longer. He is small. But where there is one there is often more. Wait for the big ones, they are bolder, they will come closer. There is one. A nice size too. It picks up a rock in it mouth and drops it, keeping its eyes on the strange object that it hasn’t seen before. Just a little closer now, you think the shiny is a rival. A little closer. NOW! Forward my arm shoots, and it comes so close. Chase it!
    I let go of my rock and propel myself forward with speed almost to match. That one is closer, get that one. I change course just a tad and go for the one closer. The shiny rival flashes forward. Almost. They are gone now. I am alone. Nothing around, not even the ones that look like rocks. The pressure in my chest tells me to go up. I surface and take a breath. And another. Lifting my legs, I dive and find my rock.

Monday July 25, 2005

I am so freakin’ tired. After church today, Andrew, Steve, Katie, K.C., Ryan, and I went to the swimming hole. I had fun. I ended up trying to making a spear on shore cause I was too cold to stay in the water any longer. To get at the point I put on my mask and fins and swam around. My first dive of the day I found a hammer. I then saw a fish and almost slapped it. From that I got the grand idea of stabbing a fish. So I got out my pocket knife and swam around. Remembering that I was hunting Bluegill I found a big rock and moved it to the shallow part in the middle of the pool. I then stayed on the bottom, holding on until a fish came along. After about two hours in the sixty degree water I thought that it should be about time to get out, my toes started to hurt. So I went and got a stick and started to sharpen it. Now I only need to fire harden it and I will have a little spear to thrust into the side of a fish. Then I will eat it. yum.
After swimming and spear making, I went to church to see the germany team thing that they had going on. After that, Andrew, Steve, Joleen, and I went up to pinecrest. Not much happened, but we saw something really scary in the water and I spend quite a bit of quality bonding time with Bartleby.

Saturday July 23, 2005

I really like the lasso the bull banner ad. It is i guess harder than the others. Like the bite the pizza one. In the pizza one the pizza goes to the teeth where ever the are.

Today I went out on the boat. It was lodes of fun. I tubed, and tubed, and rested. Then tubed some more. I got a little sunburnt and maybe a little sore. I got a wedge from the tube too. I had to pick at it for a good minute to get it out. Enough being gross. Umm… I think I am done.