Wednesday July 27, 2005

    I wait. The air in my lungs burns. Just a few moments longer. Just thirty seconds. I grip the rock tighter, still looking. Looking for the difference in the sickly yellow-brown-green color that can only be seen at this time of day. Back and forth, back and forth, I look. Ten seconds left. Back and forth, back and forth. Nothing. I let go of the rock and push my self up. I can’t kick or it will stir up the bottom too much. Take a breath now. Adjust the knife in your hand. Stay up a little longer, you will be able to stay down longer. Alright, now!
    I shift my weight and go down. I find the comfortable grip on my rock. Back and forth. Back and forth. There!
    A shape, a shadow, just outside the four feet that i can see. It comes closer, the same sickly color as everything around it. My eyes lock on. Steady now, just a little longer. He is small. But where there is one there is often more. Wait for the big ones, they are bolder, they will come closer. There is one. A nice size too. It picks up a rock in it mouth and drops it, keeping its eyes on the strange object that it hasn’t seen before. Just a little closer now, you think the shiny is a rival. A little closer. NOW! Forward my arm shoots, and it comes so close. Chase it!
    I let go of my rock and propel myself forward with speed almost to match. That one is closer, get that one. I change course just a tad and go for the one closer. The shiny rival flashes forward. Almost. They are gone now. I am alone. Nothing around, not even the ones that look like rocks. The pressure in my chest tells me to go up. I surface and take a breath. And another. Lifting my legs, I dive and find my rock.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday July 27, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    one of these days, andrew, you will come home with that delicious bass.
    have you ever seen jungle to jungle?
    you would find it encouraging, methinks.

  2. IceAngelGA

    hahaha! delicious bass!
    i’m thinking island of the blue dolphins, but that’s usually what i’m thinking. i’m gonna live there someday and catch delicious bass. when i do i’ll give you one.


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