Thursday July 28, 2005

So today was okay. I was a little upset when I left work, but it was better when i got to the swimming hole. Swam. Went to youth, spent some time with God on the carpet, then went and played minigolf. Josh and I were neck and neck the whole time. He got something like five holes in one. Hole in ones? Anyway, but I would catch up with the little things like getting a two where he would get a three. I ended up tying for first place out of all fifteen of us with Erica’s little brother, Cabe. We both got 39. Josh got a 40. I did my happy dance when I found out. I think that is it. Now I am just paying all my bills. They don’t call it payday cause you get payed… It is called that cause you pay all day! Okay, I made that up and it is kind of stupid. Okay, really stupid. Okay, bye.

Oh, I finally figured out what happened to the dvd that I ordered a while back. It got returned some how. Well. I don’t know what to think about that.

4 thoughts on “Thursday July 28, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    yeah i’m digging the happy dance. and looking at your profile pic makes me think of the potty dance. both of those tend to be rather similar. i think someone could write a dissertation on that for their phD. well! did you get the message I left on your phone yesterday?


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