Thursday July 28, 2005

So today after work I showered and went to walmart about five. Got to walmart, thinking over the list of things I need to buy and things I want to buy. I need some oil, an oil filter, an air filter, and maybe some boots. I want to buy maybe a snorkel, and iPod cover, and maybe a bow and some arrows. I go and look at the iPod cases, but they are all open at the bottom. The reason I need a case is cause things keep getting stuck in the port… So I walk over to automotive. And BLAM! My foot hits the wheel and I start hopping around. I look down and it looks fine, but hurts. So walk a few more feet and then look down. Yep my toe is bleeding. Now I am walking towards auto. thinking , ‘where the heck am i going to get something to clean this up?’ Then I spot a roll of paper towels at the paint counter. So I push my cart over to the side and cross the isle to get there. I get some and wrap up my toe and some one stole my cart! Who the heck would steal the cart of a bleeding man? Sonorans, that thieving lot!

5 thoughts on “Thursday July 28, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    meh… thieving lot…
    why weren’t you wearing shoes?!?!  lol
    I am going to find the story in my archives and either paste it in your comments or email it to you.
    *nod nod*


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