Friday September 23, 2005

So it is friday. And once again I have the weekend off. It is so nice being able to have weekends of. Even though having a weekday of rocks too. Well I think that is it for today.

Edit: YES!!!!! I got iTunes Five to work. I got back all my play counts and my ratings! Yay!!!

4 thoughts on “Friday September 23, 2005

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    Weekends are my favorite time of the week. Favorite time of every month. My favorite month is March. Favorite day of the year is March 8th. That day seems to take forever to get here and then it leaves all to fast when it does get here. Well ya thats about it.

  2. la_rosa24

    I have had a week off, but not really, because it seemed like only a day. Then I don’t even get this whole weekend off cuz I had a cross country meet today and lots of homework. (did I mention I haven’t run in a week? yes, but does my coach care? no). Now I am ranting. So what’s up with you lately?


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