Sunday September 25, 2005

So the Jousting thing today. It cost to much to get in, and there was only one really good hit in the jousting tournment. I did find some really cool bowyers, and learned some stuff about making bows. One of the bowyers had a some random girl (who went to her boyfriend after) flirt with Andrew to make him more manly. Which had Isaac and I rolling on the floor laughing. Then we found a really cool website.

4 thoughts on “Sunday September 25, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    wow. the bit about having the random girl flirt with andrew to make him more manly had me laughing aloud!
    i really really want a pet monkey now. they’re so flippin adorable!!

  2. la_rosa24

    You and your annoying comments. No, I am not pregnant. Gosh. Who do you think I am?

    I forgot to give you the rock that I brought back from Mississippi for you but you better be nicer to me if you really want it.


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