Sunday September 25, 2005

Today was a fairly good day. I did so bad playing the bass. Just horrible. My bass didn’t feel seaworthy at all. But somehow it doesn’t matter to anyone else and they just worship the same…
We went to the cave again, There is nothing do describe the feeling when you are going down a tunnel at a 60 degree angle, on lose dirt clods or smooth wet dirt, holding a flashlight in your mouth, know that at any moment the roof could collapes and kill you. The only thing bouying me was the thought of this is freaking cool. Imagining if I was some antropogist or cave explorer I would be doing the same thing for a living. Speaking of antropology, I am so going to get a spear thrower. Actually an atlatl, but I don’t know how to pronunce that. Then I am going to take down a deer or something.

7 thoughts on “Sunday September 25, 2005

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    That movie is cool. Sounds like a pretty adventurous day. My grandparents live near a cave and mineshaft. They also live really close to this huge rock formation that looks so much like an elephant. I remember liking that part of living there. It was cool.

  2. tranquilwater

    Not a deer, you sound like you need a real challenge. Try a bobcat…or…. a lizard? I’ve never been in a cave before, I know that’s a little pathetic, but I’ve led a sheltered life.

  3. la_rosa24

    1. I didn’t notice anything wrong with your bass today. 2. You shouldn’t be in unsafe caves like that. 3. I found and threw a giant spear today (in my berry picking adventures in which I found like 10 berries).

  4. IceAngelGA

    atlatls kick so much face!!

    is pedro there? i bought you a delicious bass.

    What’re you gonna do with the deer once you take it down? You gonna take it back for your women to skin and cut up for you to eat? hmmmmm


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