Monday April 4, 2005

day eight and nine, the journy home.
i woke up about five to the sound of tons of people using the banos, the BAMB, Bamb, bamb… of the doors slamming. it sounded like amount of noise that is made around seven. we packed up, i think i rolled up the two big tents and put them both in the bags. i asked some other people to help me, but you know how that goes sometimes. we got loaded up and across the border without much hassle, stopped way to many times and got soo bored that andrew josh and i invented a game called peanuts and pesos. kind of a race with coins, and it is a parallel to marriage. got to bakersfield were we stayed in a nice looking motel that was not as nice as it looked. but it is better than sleeping another night in our tents. i almost lost an arm to the elevator, the pizza was late and i slept with my glasses on. (i think, i don’t remember putting them on in the morning.) oh i forgot to tell you about mr box. i woke up and dan asked me to get about ten boxes all the way across the camp. i tryed to get people to help me, but it was hard. every one was packing. i ended up using kathy and blanca, the two older women, and ben and josh, the weakest of the guys. but there was three loose baskets that i needed to get over there. so mr. box went back to his roots.

woke up in the morning about three, someone set the alarm to go off at four and the clock was set an hour ahead. we got up at what we thought was seven thirty. josh went and ate, i took a shower and then andrew took one. josh came back and told us that all the donuts were gone. we went down to the little breakfast bar that they had and all the donuts were gone. so i got a bowl of cereal and then the lady came in with donuts. andrew and i throughly confused her by talking and being nice to her. she didn’t know what to do.
got on the road and played a rousing game of peanuts and pesos. then was bored the rest of the way. other people played that game where you have to go through the alphabet with words that you see. i got everyone really worked up by saying that the mountains were clouds. about merced (fourty five minutes away) i found out that arika’s glasses were the missing part of my old glasses and by wearing hers on top of mine i could see. got home eventualy, took another shower, went to walmart, my dad’s house and then a concert. then went to bed.

now for today.
dan told me on thursday that we were going to be at church at eight to practice because we didn’t on thursday, so i show up at ten till. he told everyone else be there at eight thirty. except arika, who he told to be there a quarter after. he was sick this week so i forgive him. i don’t forgive him for after picking a slow list, picking ‘dancing generations’ five seconds before playing it. i messed up so many times it wasn’t even funny, and i was laughing at my stupidity. okay i forgive him. after church i went to andrew’s house and hung out with his family, his cousin scotty was up with his wife and kids. all i can say is that he is just one of those people that you have to meet.
josh, steven, andrew and i went to my house and watched ‘bill and ted’s excellent adventure’. then steven went to his night church and andrew, josh, and i went through this long process of going to andrew’s house and killing something. then we went and played with bb guns until dark. then at more good food at the heisingers’ house and watched the last twothirds of starwars. it has been so long since i have watched those. i need to watch all of them again some time.

6 thoughts on “Monday April 4, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    starwars is good. and making mistakes is fine as long as you laugh at them! so there! that’s why i go through life laughing. people think it’s because i’m always happy (i’m usually happy…) but i’m really always laughing because i make so many mistakes. Including tripping and falling. I’m wearing 4 inch stillettos to school today so tripping and falling will probably be pretty high on my list of things to do today. I will be laughing a lot.

  2. simplyworshipper

    Hey- you live in California right?? I am thinking about going to school there! I Know, it’s sooo far away, but I really wanna go to a school called Vanguard in costa mesa.. but we’ll see cuz it’s super expensive!!! Anyways i’mglad your trip was soo awesome! it sounds like fun! πŸ™‚ ~suzy~ πŸ™‚

  3. IceAngelGA

    i am sorry that you got hurt on saturday and sunday. i wish i could kiss you and make it all better, but even if we were close enough to kiss you would prolly freak out if i tried it so yeah.  πŸ˜›

     i have not fallen yet…


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