Tuesday April 5, 2005

oh my am i tired. i worked… lets see… four hours, then eight, that is what twelve? well morning comes soon. oh and on day six andrew got really sick but didn’t tell me until day seven, after i had to ask him about seven times.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday April 5, 2005

  1. Passive_Spastic

    I almost died, the cosmic fish came and visited me they said “Be excellent to each other” and then they left in a flash, thats how I knew I was close to death but fortunately for me I have the resilience of rooster. 

  2. Page_20_Four

    yes, i agree. change in colors would be nice. anywho, what was that picture you had on before this? it looked like it was taken at mother lode’s gym. i sure hope it wasn’t me.


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