Monday February 28, 2005

Three times. Holy freakin’ McCrap. I think that is a new record for seeing a movie in the theaters. Yes, I did go and see Phantom of the Opera for the third time tonight, this time with Katie, Andrew, and Laura. T’was fun, but I am tired. To day we had a lucheon, a meeting, and I tried getting some people together and going to do something but Sonja couldn’t go (grrr), Steven had to be back too soon (grrr), Alexa couldn’t go (grrr), and Julie couldn’t go (grrr). So Josh and I and Andrew hung out at the church for a little bit and played with sticks. After which we went to Andrew’s house and looked at pictures from Mexico in which I saw my mud up on a wall.  We then watched the good part of  Star Wars I, the battle scene, while I read a newspaper article about Dani Johnson.
Went up to the tramp and found it covered in micromachines. Put them all away and then jumped, and played a game of Queen Whip, a modifed verson of squish ball. I was winning untill Andrew hit me in the shins with his heel. We both fell down for a little bit. It hurt.
I think I am done rambling.
19 days today and 18 tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Monday February 28, 2005

  1. Kami_01

    I don’t look at it that way though. And you went again and didn’t tell me? Lol. Me, Nicole, and Minnie want to see it again. For Nicole and I it would be 5 times I believe. Lol. If you have such a bad view on the Phantom, then why did you see it a second and third time? He was sooo in love with her- and look what she did! *sighs* Tragic love story.


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