5 thoughts on “Tuesday March 1, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    I am feeling rather confused lately.

    yo’u haven’t been acting so anti-social the past few days… watching phantom 3 times with all those peoples? well anyway, send me an email sometime, kay? did you open all your valentines yet?

  2. FireFilled_Chick

    No i was just saying that she is to old for you, she has a very, very strong relationship with God. And well she is at a different place in her life than you. Plus I don’t think she wants to be in a relationship right now. Besides what are you baseing your interests off of? You don’t even know her. I don’t think that is what she needs right now and I really don’t think that is what you need right now.

  3. tranquilwater

    Andrew, your results were on a train to get to you but that trail was derailed in Colorado, and then once they got the train back on the track it was put on the wrong track and it ended up in Canada. Sorry. The Canadians didn’t understand that the results were for you because they didn’t have a translator, so they threw them in a garbage can, and the contents of that garbage can were dumped in a landfill somewhere very very far away. Isn’t that a bummer?


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