9 thoughts on “Monday February 7, 2005

  1. simplyworshipper

    haha umm idk really how long i have to be hanging up there, a TON during practices cuz it takes forever to get everything right… during the performances?(there’s 5) i think like 5 mins or 10 mins the first time, and about 10 the 2nd time. ya great fun.. so what’s the post about? later! ~suzy~ 🙂

  2. simplyworshipper

    hahahaha nevermind i went to my XANGA right after i posted it and ya know what it said?! it’s been 420 days since you joined xanga (wow that’s a big number) did you and me join xanga on the same day? or maybe a day later cuz u probably posted this last night? weird!

  3. IceAngelGA

    I decided to start international flirting week a lil early by sending you a pickup line…..

    “Excuse me, are you a parking ticket? ‘cuz you’ve got FINE written all over you!”

  4. grmfo18

    yes, it is… and i’ll miss the random comments from you… but it’s cool… i’ll be back in 40 days… be good until then… well, after then too but you know what i mean. mmkay, MAKE GOOD CHOICES!


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