Monday January 10, 2005

Rumors! Of a me I left behind. Of a me that wouldn’t go to the bed chamber of the Pagan King, one that would fight it to the death. But here I am now. In the bed chamber, a compromised person. But I am now a man woken up from a long slumber. For I hear my beloved, my true love coming to claim me from this place of concession. He will carry me away. Where, I don’t know. Nor shall I care, because I will be with Him.

7 thoughts on “Monday January 10, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    cool. i like the pic of the guys with the duct tape on their mouths. i bet they weren’t happy when they pulled it off. quick way to rip out all the facial hair in the mouth and nose area…

  2. Page_20_Four

    Awesome post, bro. IT got me to thinking… I’ll be praying for you. To be caught up in compromise is a horrid thing. But it’s like you said; call on Jesus and he will carry you away. He makes the most painful things beautiful…

    graceandpeace *sonja

  3. Christyes8

    that sounds like something from “song of solomon”. i’ve never seen a guy write about something from something from song of solomon. that’s sweet. hence why you probably didn’t.

    anyway, mexicol–i went with approx. 20 other ppl from my youth group, drove to new york , caught a plane, flew to denver colorado , then Baja california, (where we visited calvary chapel bible college of california on our way back) then drove to ensenada, mexico.    =) long ride but i enjoyed it. lol.

    i know you were probably expecting me to say i only drove like 5 hours from CA, hence since you live in Ca and didn’t know i live in Pennsylvania, but …yeah.  hehe.


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