Sunday January 9, 2005

Mexico is coming. I miss my bed. I like DSL. I don’t like smelly dogs. I miss my computer. I like washers and dryers that are free. I don’t like driving everywhere. I miss my house. I like my parents’ house. I don’t like house watching for my parents. Mexico is coming.

5 thoughts on “Sunday January 9, 2005

  1. its_a_secret22

    Mexico scares me, I miss my bed, its better than mine here, I hate smelly dogs, I miss being able to charge my laptop when I want, I miss driving, I miss dryers…and Mexico scares me.

  2. Christyes8

    mexico is awesome. i love mexico!!   (though poverty is evident, and love is needed. God=love. God is needed.) i went there twice. i love it love it love it.


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