Saturday January 8, 2005

I figure it is time for a new post. I should have posted yesterday, but I was doing nothing. Um… I played Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando today, got to the mutated Protopet and ran away. Um… I am watching my parent’s dogs again, and this time my grandma’s boxer is here, and she likes to fart. Kind of gross, you will be sitting there watching tv and it will be quiet and then there is the fart out of now where. There she did it again. And she likes to lay down in the middle of the walkways… I don’t think I like her that much… huh…

7 thoughts on “Saturday January 8, 2005

  1. simplyworshipper

    hahah funny stuff.. i think 1/2 the fun is the ride there though.. it takes 2 days so it’s really not all that bad!:) so the city is called sonora? Cuz where we were the state was sonora.. weird anyways talk to you later! God bless! love ya, suzy:)

  2. Ducky1

    poor guy. they should change it’s dogfood!
    seriously, our cat farts.
    it’s incredibly disgusting.
    he only farts when you pick him up.
    … we don’t pick him up often….
    have a good weekend!


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