Monday March 14, 2005

well, today started too good to end this way. i was acutually happy and awake when i got to work a few minutes early instead of a few late. but somewhere the day went bad and now i am here. i am here just tired, nose running, head aching, throat tight and dry, and my poison oak itching. i can’t go to sleep now, nor am i able to do anything. i just want to listen to depressing music and sit.

i need a hug, and not a cheesy cyberhug either.

three days, ten hours, seven minutes and fifteen seconds.

4 thoughts on “Monday March 14, 2005

  1. Passive_Spastic

    I am tempted to just give you a cyberhug anyway.  Maybe I will give you a cyberelbow to somewhere on your body and then you will be in pain and angry at me that it will take your mind off of how bad you are feeling???


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