Tuesday March 15, 2005

i guess it is time for my daily post. I got a golf cart stuck and unstuck. you might have to ask me about that. um raked, and a little goldpanning. tomorrow is our first gold camp so you can pray that it will go smoothly.

two days, twelve hours, thirty-seven minutes and one second.

edit: ‘”Hey Napolean, give me some of your tots” can only be heard so many times before someone dies.’ i am so funny. i want to be a pirate and have a guard duck.

two days, eight hours, fifty-nine minutes, and fifty-nine seconds.

edit: i finished packing. i got all my clothes and stuff that i need to survive a week in mexico in to ‘one’ bag. see,

well i was going to put a picture of my twenty-four inch duffle bag with my small dakine bag hooked on top, piggy back style, but photo bucket is down.

and here would be a picture of my ‘one’ bag next to my empty fourty-eight inch duffle bag. oh how i wish i had a thirty-six inch bag…

two days, seven hours, thirty-five minutes, and fourty seconds.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday March 15, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    I’ll be your guard duck! as long as I get to beat up irritating neighbors…. omg… pearls before swine eats all!
    except maybe Frazz… and Boondocks…
    lol! ๐Ÿ™‚
    have a good triiiiiiiip!!

  2. allfunnedout

    Mock Interview is a program that I had to attend through school, because I take a vocational class.  It’s to get experience in making a portfolio, and getting interviewed, and stuff.  It was pretty pointless since the vocational class I’m taking requires the student to have a job already.  So my entire class has already been through the application, and interview process.  But it was an easy grade, so I didn’t mind.



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