Thursday March 17, 2005

ugg. the first day went well. but my day on a whole was too long. after work i had about fourty-five minutes before i had to be at church for a mexico meeting. i spent the time driving home, transfering a file, filling out one piece of paper work, and getting some shoes on. the mexico meeting was okay i guess. then i stuffed eggs for three and half hours or so. my left thumb hurts. well, tomorrow is the second day of gold camp and the day that i have to drop all our stuff off to be loaded in the vans. prayer would be appreciated. love and all that stuff to you.

5 thoughts on “Thursday March 17, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    Prayers are coming your way. At least “cyber prayers” aren’t as lame as “cyberhugs” because you know the prayers actually do some good. Have a good day, my fiance.


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