Saturday February 12, 2005

So the Sweetheart thing was tonight, we made some bank. Something like $91.50 an hour, if we were waiters. Tomorrow is going to come early. Wait, no it isn’t. I  think I will go and read the book that Andrew lent me. I stole some of his pictures, one where he is on top of a playground, one of me playing the bass, a blackmail picture of Julie, a cool picture of Steven while he is on a merry-go-round, a poorly framed picture of Carlie (I think I took it), a blackmail picture of Sonja, a picture of Ninja Josh, a picture of the four of us that were at the sweetheart thing, and a picture of Kelly and Sonja with the worst red eye I have ever seen. They might make it up on the internet.  IF you are lucky. Seeeeeeeeee I can write more than one or two sentences. Are they worth you reading? No, I don’t think so.

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