Sunday February 13, 2005

Wow. Such a long day. Got our whole day (Thursday the 24th of March) planned out, we just need to glue some sheets together. OH, before the meeting we were eating donuts and drinking coffee, sitting at the four tables arranged in a rectangle, I slide Andrew’s Pearls book to him. I was sitting in the middle of one table and  then there was an empty chair to my left, past that was the corner and Ryan was sitting there at the head. Next to him at a head of another table right there Andrew was sitting. So his book slides along and hits the little ridge that was the difference in heights between the tables and takes out Ryan’s coffee cup. Coffee spills all over Ryan lap and Andrew’s book. So that is the story of how I destroyed Andrew’s Pearls book.
On to something happier. I got to weed eat for the first time this year. It was fun. It was at a workday at the Johnson’s house. There were too many people to be really productive there. But fun never the less. Oh and the weed eater turned into a blower. It was crazy looking, like some scary gun.
Went to the McGrady’s and ate and planned somemore, this time about the Luncheon.
Then Andrew, Josh, and I met Steven at Sonja’s house (Julie and Amy where there too). We played Nerts then Lord of the Rings Trivial Somthing and I was on a team all by my lonesome. The we watched most of Switchfootage and Josh doing this

No wait that is Steve…
Josh was doing this

He is just plain crazy. We tried killing Sonja by sticking a dirt glove that we found on her. It was rather funny. I am tired now, but my thoughts are now coalested and I am happy.

3 thoughts on “Sunday February 13, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    I love it! Josh looks like a veteran with both legs cut off. And good picture, passive. there, now you can give my fiance his props.

    happy international flirting week, my darling andrew. 😉


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