Saturday January 1, 2005

I just saw a Napoleon Dynamite commercial, and the music doesn’t fit the movie. I miss making posts with my dictonary.

4 thoughts on “Saturday January 1, 2005

  1. tranquilwater

    I used to write e-mails to someone that consisted entirely of words one rarely employs in this day and age. It was loads of fun. As far as our imminent departure, we’re shooting for the end of January but that will only be possible if we get tons more of financial support from people. With moving costs and living expenses, we won’t make it on what we have now in the way of one time gifts and monthly commitments. So we’re living on prayer…putting our hopes in the One who cares….hey that should be in a song.

  2. k8tmcgrady

    ur writing is really funny.  maybe it is just the computer that i am on.  hum.  andrew, wow this conference has had so many pathetic flirtation opportunites for ya.  hehehee.  i can’t wait for mexico dirt…hum.  canadians.  happy new year!!!

  3. Ducky1

    I STILL haven’t seen that movie.
    *slaps herself*
    lol! that’s actually a really fun thing to do, if you haven’t tried it before. just out of nowhere smack yourself in the face. everyone turns to look. ^^
    it’s so hilarious… πŸ˜€
    okee… um…
    happy new year to you too. πŸ™‚

  4. IceAngelGA

    That’s cool that you were using safari. Apple owns my soul.
    And no, I will not have your babies. You broke up with me.
    …of course, we could always get re-engaged I suppose…
    I’ll think about it tomorrow.


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