Saturday June 4, 2005

Well, now I am at my cousins house, just waiting. We have to be at the church and ready at 11 for pictures. There will be four hundred and fifty people there. All looking at the people on the stage. It is going so hot too, in a tux, with stage lights on us. I am neverous, I don’t want to bring dishonor to my family… Lol. Well, I need to go and take a shower so I will smell good when I escort Amy Sleeper off the stage.

8 thoughts on “Saturday June 4, 2005

  1. CaNdIcAiN15

    Pig! I hadnt eatin all day because I was too busy preparing for YOU guys!…..and I doubt you worked harder than me……although that miners suit does look uncomfortable…

  2. Ducky1

    you can do it I believe in you!
    I know… I shouldsta beamed him over. he could have beat those ninjas in seconds, I just know it.
    alrighty! have a good weekend/wedding.

  3. CaNdIcAiN15

    ……I think not. You might have gotten up earlier for work but I had school that day and I had to endure the stress of preparing for finals and dealing with friends and then having to go to work straight after that until 9:00 and Then waking up the next day for school again!….I definitly worked harder than you…anyone can wear a miners outfit and talk to 4rth graders but It takes skill to be able to make churros AND find the time to eat them!


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