Sunday June 5, 2005

So Jeff’s wedding was good. I stood there and pretty much melted from the heat. It was inside, but we had tuxes on, which are hot, and had stagelights on us, which was hot, and there were also about four hundred other people in the chruch, which made it hotter. But before the wedding there was a lot of waiting. We had to be ready by 11 o’clock so if the bridal party wasn’t ready, we could take the pictures. We took pictures, and I do say that I look dead sexy in a tux. So much more than my miner’s clothes. And after the wedding we took more pictures, and helped move some stuff to the reception. Now I haven’t been in many weddings but I don’t think it is very fair to have the people in the wedding set up and take down everything. But what do I know.
I was really tired and ended up leaving right after the reception was over, and started to drive home. I almost fell asleep twice on the road. That was scary. I drank a pepsi and talked on the phone and that woke me up. Oh I found out why the highway 880 runs north to south too. That was bugging me earlier this year. Cause every state road that is even runs east-west and every state road that is odd runs north-south. Well I need to go home now. [I am at my parents checking on the dogs and my email. mmm… DSL….]

4 thoughts on “Sunday June 5, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    gotsto love that dsl… πŸ˜€
    or roadrunner. :)!
    and… oh I bet you did look perty sexy in a tux. don’t worry, I’m not trying to steal yah. I have my own fiance now. πŸ™‚ BUT! I do think tuxes are pretty hot hot things. πŸ™‚
    happy sunday…

  2. IceAngelGA

    yummy dsl. it’s a good thing stefani isn’t trying to steal you! she’s got her hands full with one fiance, so i hear. πŸ˜›
    and you look dead sexy in jeans and a tshirt so i probably would have melted if I was at that wedding, and not from the heat of the weather. :-*


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