Sunday May 29, 2005

So today was a good day. We did really well in worship today, even with pulling the last song out of our ear. After church I showed Andrew the glory of the burrito ala carte at El Jardin. I went home for a few minutes and then went and picked up Alexa, Kelly, and Josh, met with Andrew again and went down to the swimming hole.
Now I will try to describe the awesomeness of the swimming hole. You start about a hundred feet about the water level, you walk along the rapids of the small river/ large creek. It is just so beautiful, looking at the white water and down to the pool that is shaded by oak trees. The oak trees’ roots are exposed and look really cool. The pool itself is about thirty by twenty five, with  a granite slab forming oneside. It is deep enough and the slab goes high enough that you can jump off it. On the tree side there is a rope swing that will swing you about fifteen feet off the water when you let go. It is just so pretty.
Oh and I ripped my swimsuit today too. Now I have to go and buy another one.

5 thoughts on “Sunday May 29, 2005

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    Wow its hard to get comments from you. Ok I think three was something about my parents playing on worship teams and getting in the in crowd. No I really cant remember. Maybe there was no three. Or maybe it was about how hot I looked at church today…yeah that was it. 🙂

  2. Ducky1

    fun fun fun!!
    sounds like a nice place.
    yes, dreams can be really freaky.
    mine was odd, because it was centered around the fact that someone had called and my family didn’t tell me.
    and I was totally flying off the handle angry.
    hum… haha.
    have a good memorial day.

  3. IceAngelGA

    sounds like a good place to take a fiance.
    you ripped your swimsuit? kinky.
    and you took my phrase! pulling something out of your… ear. i feel special. okay enough inside jokes now cuz that’s basically all this comment is. now i feel bad.


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