Tuesday May 31, 2005

I went mini-golfing. It was fun. Amy, Josh, and Andrew weren’t there. But Zack, Joe, and Dave were. And it is so different being the young one in the group. But it is all good. I did okay for having not mini-golfed in a few months, six over par. But I will get better. I hope.

Edit: I got rid of the yellow. It was just too bright. I think I will bust out The Gimp (Ha! I just learned how to do that! That is so cool. Now I feel like a dork. And you probably don’t know what I did either.) So I am going to bust out The Gimp and try to make one of those pictures made up of a bunch of smaller pictures. A really cool mexico collage or something.

Edit 2: Okay, so it took me about two hours or maybe less, but here is my first collage.

15 thoughts on “Tuesday May 31, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    you got skills. girls like guys with skills. napoleon dynamite said so.

    …oh wait aren’t you in that blogring where you want to shoot anyone who quotes napoleon dynamite? good thing i paraphrased huh. you mighta ended up losing a fiance.

  2. IceAngelGA

    grah. ok one more try before i give up. and i’ll at least do a different profile pic to make me look less pathetic for commenting on t he same entry four times.


  3. amethyst10987

    I just figured out why you’ve never heard of Cracker Barrel! They refuse to put a restaurant in California. They have them all over the rest of the U.S., but say they’ll never put one there.

    I asked.


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