Sunday May 8, 2005

I had a really weird phone conversation. My phone rings and it doesn’t tell me what the number is. So I answer and it is Edgar. He said that his sister wanted to say hi and Nalleli comes on the phone and says that all she wants to say is hi, and that andrey dice hola. Then five minutes later Andrey calls. And we have a conversation the way only we could. Nalleli in the back ground telling him what to say and both of them using spanish words. I think that she likes me.

Well back to the land of dial-up. Man this stinks.

6 thoughts on “Sunday May 8, 2005

  1. IceAngelGA

    uhoh. nalleli again. i sense competition for my love. but uh yeah. *goes back to packing* i hope you enjoyed your email! and i bet mexico is closer than georgia. that really sucks. and now, ending on a positive note, see you soon!

  2. Page_20_Four

    why do you always think girls are in love with you? you need a reality check, dear. jeez that was harsh. i was just kidding!! well, sort of… mwahahaha

  3. IceAngelGA

    he thinks that because they all are. I mean, at least all NORMAL girls are in love with him…. yeah. ๐Ÿ™‚ he needs an engagement ring except that we both realized guys don’t usually wear engagement rings. mebbe that would keep the girls off of him.

  4. viper20

    Nailie is in love with anyone who would marry her and bring her to the US! She so wants to come here and live. You can pray for her that she would desire a Godly young man and that her family would treat her properly.


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