Tuesday May 10, 2005

A lightsaber can help convince an assailant that no means no.

The big advantage of using a lightsaber, of course, is that you can both cut and toast the bagel in one stroke.

Hedge Trimming

Reheating coffee

Felling a Tree

11 thoughts on “Tuesday May 10, 2005

  1. Ducky1

    to ward off them brutal surfers… lol!
    wow… laugh of the evening… ^^
    have a good time tomorrow!!

  2. la_rosa24

    You should join the light saber club that some weird kids at my school are talking about forming. They bring fake light sabers to school and fight with them.

  3. Ducky1

    :S… you’d probly scald your coffee…
    oh yeah, and you’d BETTER let her get back on the plane!
    … I’m so jealous of you folks…
    have a good time!

  4. klayman_14

    this is ironic because I was actually looking at pictues like this on the internet earlier today….. lightsaber are cool….. I want to be one when I grow up.

  5. grmfo18

    tide pooling? can you please explain what that is? cuz i have no clue.

    dont you think it’s crazy that you randomly commented on my xanga and my family lives in a place that you’ve been a lot? i think it’s kinda neat.

    anyway, have a great day! if i figure out what tide pooling is i might do it for ya! we’re eating at bubba gumps!! woohoo! and my friend that came out here with me this time gets to see the west coast for the first time!!!

    p.s. light sabers are sooooo awesome!! i’m goin to see episode 3 at midnight! i can’t wait!! woohoo for star wars!!

  6. IceAngelGA

    starwars. yummy.

    and you are so much cuter in real life than any of the cute pictures you’ve sent me. you’re a beautiful person, o fiance mine. oh. i have a funny story to tell you but i will email it to you.i don’t want to tell it on xanga.

  7. grmfo18

    no, that wasn’t a random comment… i meant that you commenting on my site a long time ago was random and it’s weird that you actually know where my family lives… sorry if that was confusing before. does it makes sense now? haha, sorry… i’m losing my mind!

  8. grmfo18

    i really want you to understand… so i’ll try again… hehe

    a long time ago you randomly commented on my xanga, right? THAT comment was random… now you aren’t random cuz like you said- you’ve commented on my xanga a lot. i think it’s neat that out of all the random people to ever comment on my xanga you are familiar with the area that my family lives here in california. i’m from georgia so california is pretty far away…

    anyway, i dont know if that helped either. i’m tired and i have 12 hours of traveling tomorrow! woohoo- NIGHT!!


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