Thursday May 12, 2005

Bass, iPod, Powerbook. Yep that is my wish list. I am really consitering getting the powerbook. It just looks so pretty.

5 thoughts on “Thursday May 12, 2005

  1. grmfo18

    i made another comment on your last entry… i didn’t know if you’d see it since you posted again so i just thought i’d let you know!

  2. IceAngelGA

    it has such lovely speakers too. the powerbook, that is. mmmmm. i think if you had a bass, ipod, and powerbook you would be irresistable. oh wait, you already are.

  3. la_rosa24

    If there was something to know about Julie’s disappearance, I think I would know.  I think you should buy me a violin instead of getting those things.


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