Thursday December 1, 2005

So the prize was on a sliding scale. See if Andrew won, he would have gotten two eProps. If Steven won, whe would have been able to borrow my cds for a while, and if Amy won, she could take out anyone she wants to dinner and a movie and I would pay. Since none of them won, I am relieved. But now I am left in a place of deep thought. What should Jessie win? If she lived closer I would extend either of Steven’s or Amy’s prizes.What should I give her?

Anyway, tomorrow starts of Decembeard. Tomorrow morning I will shave and for the month of December I will grow out my beard. I missed Novembeard so I made up this one. Andrew and Josh are supposed to do it with me but I don’t know if they will. Tomorrow if I have time I will post a picture of my hairless chin. Well, December will work better for me, I don’t have to really look nice for anything that month.

Well, I think I will go to bed. I hope that I wake up on time tomorrow, today I hit my off button instead of my sooze.

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