Thursday June 16, 2005

My day that never seems to end…
[Disclaimer: Boring, Bland, Uncreative ‘this is how my day went’ post ahead.]

My freaking long day started way to early at a quarter to six. Got up took a shower and was happy to talk to Miriam [whom is my beloved]. Drove to work, ran out of gas. got to work, got gas for my car, and went back to work. All before seven thirty. Got to work, put up more post and ties to reinforce the fence around the soon to be lawn. ate breakfast, went back and dug up a trench that I filled in yesterday cause my boss forgot to put the conduit in it before he told me to fill it in. Dug up some sprinklers that were too tall, stood on the lines to hold the heads down to grade, while my boss proceeded to bury my feet. Some of them we just took out the nipples [the part that joins the pvc pipe and the sprinkler] and cut them down. Did some groundsy stuff until lunch [I don’t really remember what it was]. Ate lunch [hamburgers] then started to put some more heads on that we just got so we could finish the line, and we had to have a safety meeting, cause the blower got ran over. went back and put the heads on, and then filled in the holes. Cut the irrigation boxes to fit the pipes going in and out, set them and covered them. Then Cullen had to leave and I needed to cover him on the bike ride.
the bike ride.
so a staff member goes out on all the bike rides to fix the bikes if they break. It is like three miles out then three miles back. I had a couple of derailed chains [easy to fix], and after we got to the end and turned back about five minutes, a guy was stopped on the side of the trail. He snapped his chain. So I gave him my bike and took his. He took off and I was standing there thinking how the heck I was going to get the bike three miles back to camp. So for the first bit I scootered it. That is where you put the right foot on the left pedel, lean the bike to the right just a little and push with the left foot. But that makes your right turns long and your left turns tight. and the ditch that we were following had gentle left turns and sharp right turns. I went as far as I could that way, it starts to hurt your wrist and your leg muscles because you are basiclly standing on them. So I ended up sitting on the seat and pushing three pushs with one leg then three with the other. I finally made it back [I got a ride for the last two hundred yards] only about ten or twenty minutes behind the others. I helped lock up the bikes and finally clock out about four thirty.
I go home for a few minutes, check emails and xanga and stuff. then get josh’s xbox to return to him [it was in his suitcase, and he needs that so he could pack for germany], his card, Andrew some books for germany, and his card. and go to the pool. I eat dinner there [hambugers] and try to answer some bible trivia for a cd. Dan asked what Romans 12:2 was, and I gave him Romans 12:1. For that I got a sucker [Bible memorization isn’t something that we do a lot at our youth group]. Went swimming, practiced my diving off diving boards. Sounds like they would go together, but no, they bounce. It shot me up to high once and i was going to land flat on my back so I tucked and did a flip. Played some sharks and minnows [none of us really remember the specifics of the rules], and some foot ball. Got tired and got out and came home. Got back on the computer and started to type this post. Now I think I am done and will go to bed soon so I can have eight hours of sleep before I get up.

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