Thursday November 24, 2005

Anyone who knows me knows that I just couldn’t write a thanksgiving post on thanksgiving. So here is something else.

“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.” -Edgar Watson Howe

“Music is a means of giving form to our inner feelings without attaching them to events or objects in the world.” – George Santayana

12 thoughts on “Thursday November 24, 2005

  1. la_rosa24

    I can just barely make out that your picture has Andrew’s name on it. What?

    Oh my gosh those quotes are so true, especially the second one. I think I played piano for 3 hours today.

  2. Ducky1

    yeah, be thankful for music.
    and for a day when gorging yourself is not viewed as disgusting… because everyone is doing it…
    hope yours was niftay!

  3. King_seeker

    Yes, we will be here for “Onething”, now the question is are you going to be here? Hope so, we would love to see ya. I am going to volunteer at the bookstore in the convention center and the girls are attending the conference. David will be here only Sat probably because he has to work. It should be an incredible life changing experience, are you up for it? You will not go back home the same person!

  4. so_d_e_e_p

    Ok Jenn asked, Mom asked, I asked. Would you please answer a least one of us. Are you coming with the gang or not? Pleeeeease come! Answer=WHAT????!!!!!! Oh and I agree with both of the quotes but the first one is not all correct because I remember wishing something would happen and being homesick for something (while listening to music) and well it happend so, “There is hope people….”


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