Monday April 17, 2006

Well back into the swing of things.
And I have found something new to spend my time on.

7 thoughts on “Monday April 17, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    one time we were driving out to Kaena point on the north shore, and we saw this HUGE busted up fuselage, just LAYING there between the road and the ocean, surrounded by yellow caution tape. we were like “whoa! what happened??!!” and there were some tourists standing there gawking, and there was all of this flotsom and jetsom washed up on the shore. and the fuselage was just sitting there, whistling in the wind.
    then we saw the security guard talking to some of the tourists:
    “eh cuz, you nevah hea’ about da crash? it was a beeg one! lotsa folks died. de oddah ones is all stranded. you nevah heard?”
    then we realized. aha! Lost!


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