Monday April 3, 2006

You should have seen me. I about skipped to the checkout counter, holding my prize to my chest. I was so happy that I found them that I rewarded myself with some peach rings. (peach rings were not the prize.) I had finally found them. Things that everyone said were everywhere were nowhere. They were not at Walmart, they were not at Longs. They were not at Walgreens, they were not at Big 5. They were not at any supermarkets. They were not at the DollarTree as everyone swore that they were. I found them in the Pharmacy. I found them, told Jesus how much I loved him and grabbed the last two off the shelf.
The weight had been lifted from my heart and the stress was relaxed from my forehead. I felt as I could walk on air. I didn’t have to think of the alternitives, last minute things that would work, but aren’t what I really want. Guns could get confusing, and I was afraid pretending wouldn’t cut it for anyone else. Or me for that matter. But that wasn’t a fear anymore, for I had found them.

Thank you Jesus.

24 thoughts on “Monday April 3, 2006

  1. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    yeah, i can just imagine u skipping to the counter. not. then again…i dont really know u. lol. aannyway, i have a lot of questions: 1. what are “peach rings”, 2. what makes them so important that u got to have them ..and what would ve been the alternatives. i am confused.  …Guns? pretending? 

    okay, so if this is to many questions, i ‘ll let u off the hook. lol.

  2. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    i’m sure burning dragons smell too. i like ur new layout. and um..yeah, tony the tiger only does those two things: purr and bite. he’s like my cat (which is a she), which is why i adopted him. he’s cute, aint he?

    so, oooh. that’s what peach rings are. yeah, i’ll have to pick some up. kewl. now i know to only start off with all the pharmeceutical chains at least. Thank u for clearing that up. ahh! 2 days, 23 hours, 06 minutes and 18 seconds until mexico. .oh yeah, i’m not going. i hate u.

  3. BlissfulDiscontent

    I love peach rings. They, along with other goodies such as Charleston Chews, are at Rural King in my neck of the woods. So what was the prized posession? I would love to see you skip! Ha!

  4. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    well thats good. cuz i wasn’t gonna cry neway. good gravy=cheese and crackers=christopher colombus. that’s the first i used that phrase. and this laborous effort doesn’t have to be done in vain just to get 100 comments on my site. i can live without comments. i was only joking when i said it. lol.

  5. k8tmcgrady

    ok. i feel seriously stupid rite now, cuz i can’t figure out what u found..and at the pharmacy.  however, i m pretty sure that was partially ur point.  huh bud?  hahaha. my best guess is that it is stuff for mexico,which is now two days away!!! ahahahahaa. πŸ™‚ i m so excited! much love, and now i m leaving in a haze of confusion…

  6. Passive_Spastic

    Your stories would be so much better if you actually stated what you were talking about.  Even though I do know what you are talking about and am happy that you found them.


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