Thursday April 6, 2006

Youth group was good. All the Mexico team shared there testimonies to “practice.” It was really good for me. Like Hans says, “testimonies are important.” Or something smarter and stresses the importance more.

So it snowed yesterday. And again today. Since I am the one that has been freaking out the most about the snow, I was oddly okay with this precipitation this time. GROSS VISUAL AHEAD! I kind of just figured that the snow was offensive and hurt my heart by poking. It snowed so much and my heart got poked enough that a hole was formed. So the snow can poke all it wants, the damage is done. Okay, maybe it isn’t that gross but oh well.

So my prize as of yesterday, or Monday, which ever one was a toy bow and arrow set. For the skit. About the shield of faith. Eph. 6:16? What? You want me to tell you about it?

Scene 1:

Curtain rises on the set, we see our hero standing on one side of the stage facing away from the center of the stage.
Enter antagonist with said bow and arrows.
With a devious look the antagonist draws his bow and shoots our hero.
With an equally surprised look, the hero jumps and lets out a yelp of pain, then falls down. Regaining his composure he gets up and looks at the antagonist.
The antagonist draws his bow and shoots again.
Again our hero falls down dramatically. And once more he rises.
And once more the antagonist draws his bow, but the hero grabs something to defend himself with, his cell phone. Needless to say again he gets shot, falls down dramatically and rises once more.
And even once more the antagonist draws his bow, the hero matching that with a hat. Again with the getting shot, falling down, and getting back up.
Hero tries defending himself with a badminton racket and after that, a little kid. Each time he falls.
Then he picks up the shield and deflects the arrow!! The antagonist is shocked and exit stage right.

End Scene.

Tada! You like it?

5 thoughts on “Thursday April 6, 2006

  1. Ducky1

    THAT is a cool skit.
    I like.
    and I tried as hard as I could to find a song in what you said.
    but I”m pretty sure it.
    would be cooler with a voice attached to.

    yes I’m.
    putting periods in very inopportune.

    for no reason.

    good night!


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