Monday January 2, 2006

snowDAY. That is how it is supposed to look.Well I hope it would be. It was snowing in twain harte and I am hope that it won’t be that hard to drive to work tomorrow.

Well my post are rather boring. I don’t really have that much to say. Except that I am tired. But I seem to have much more energy that I thought that I would. To day was just a crazy day. I hope that tomorrow will be easier.

I sure put a lot of hope in tomorrow. What would happen if I didn’t wake up?

Well, anyway, I ordered it and the revolution is coming.

Decembeard. The end of an era. I might have to shave tomorrow.

Oh, I posted pictures of my “girly” shirts that I bought at onething on my flickr. Go here to see them. -> -> ->  Flickr.


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