Tuesday January 3, 2006

And nothing goes better with chicken noodle soup than more noodles. I love noodles. That is a random fact. I guess since I gave you one I will give you four more.

Random facts. (To pay off a debt)

1. I love noodles. I would rather have noodles than anything else.

2. Brussel sprouts don’t scare me. I actually seek them out. Even if they are cold.

3. I can cook. Not well, but I know quite a bit.

4. I eat with chopsticks every chance I get. I have quite mustered up enough courage to try to eat spagetti with them though.

5. I know everything about girls.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday January 3, 2006

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    For one, IceAngelGA nailed it. I would have said the same thing. I mean really, girls, food, ego = guy. So true. And two, when I read number five I feel out of my chair laughing my head off. Three, I’m still laughing. Why, you ask. Oh boy, you have sssooo much to learn. Really you have no idea whats makes women…women. I’m still rolling on the floor….

  2. crimson_gold

    Charlie and the Chocolate factory.  I believe you about noodles, you talk a lot about them.  However as for #5, I believe I’ll join those who think you have no idea of what you’re talking about.  But don’t worry, be happy. πŸ˜›

  3. la_rosa24

    wooooaahh, hold on. (hold the phone). you don’t know the first thing about girls unless you’ve read the sisterhood of the traveling pants books, and a jane austen book, and even then you only know about the cool girls. and if you think you’ve learned anything about girls from observing me, then you are wrong because I was raised by 2 older brothers.

    secondly, you think about food too much.

    ……So what am I thinking right now?


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