Monday October 30, 2006

I have to put my pajamas in one of my packs, put my laptop in my daybag, see what else I can steal for gifts, grab my bags and go. Go home.

Home, where my bed awaits, my dollar is not as strong, you can’t haggle prices, women don’t spit on the streets, you can’t cross a street anywhere and walk through speeding traffic. Where I can’t hop in a taxi and get where I am going for $1.20. Or in a bus for 65 cents.

I am going to miss this culture, where the people are a different type of polite, and though at first they seem rude, they are nicer than at home. I am going to miss waking up and eating strange things like fresh meat packages, baconian, fried greens, and noodles. I am going to miss serving myself out of the dish with my chopsticks that I put in my mouth.

I am going to miss China.

When this day starts over again, I am going to have to get my tires changed, order a head gasket kit, and eat all the meals I already ate.

But, home is home. And I am going home.

8 thoughts on “Monday October 30, 2006

  1. gzusphreaq

    i’m glad you are coming home, I missed you. As much as I love Stefani, Josh, and Steven I am ready to see some new faces. Oh and now I do not have to freak out when my pastor talks about Christians being shot in China!

  2. King_seeker

    Welcome home! When you go away you have a new perspective on “home” maybe it will be better than you think. But you never forget where you have been. Those memories are there forever. Cherish every moment, journal a few if you like to write.Can’t wait for some pics……………


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