Sunday October 29, 2006

But we don’t want our beliefs. God of Peace, we want you.

Last night I went shopping for myself. I spend something like 60 dollars, and you should see what I got.
We went to this street next to a hostel with shops lining it. All types of shops, from clothes to trinkets to tea and food. Most of the shop workers speak english, and that is a good thing. ‘Cause they start out really high. So what I wanted to buy, just one of the articles, starts out at 2200 yuan. Then you bicker and banter back and forth to you get to a price that you like. You buy your article and move on. Everyone is saying “Hello!,” and trying to get you into their shops. It smells like China, and urine in some places, and it is dark.

I am going to miss China.

6 thoughts on “Sunday October 29, 2006

  1. gzusphreaq

    wow yesterday at church my pastor was talking about how in some places in China people will just kill you for being a Christian and I was so freaked out! Come back safe ok!

  2. Ash_Uh_Lee5

    Hooray for presents to me!!!!! I love you andrew, and I better like the present you bring back for me otherwise I won’t love you no more. Well, getting as excited as anyone gets to see you. love ya,


  3. Quintessence_217

    Tomorrow you return!  I bet Wednesday you will want to be sleeping all day!  But don’t do it!  Return to normal sleeping schedule immediately! Otherwise your inner clock will be screwed up for like a week!  Believe me. 

    If it is mealtime when you arrive in the states, eat. Even if you are not hungry, eat.   It helps alot.  And being outside helps, too. 


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