Saturday April 1, 2006

So, I drove to Oakdale tonight. My car did pretty well, I am going to promote it to hour and half drivings.

I was going to go with Andrew and Steven to go see Phil Wickham tonight, but I got the message that they were meeting at 5:30 in the junction at when it was 5:40 and I was at my work place. So I missed that. I was planning on going too. I saw Dan, Andrew, Steven , and Mona all in like 3 minutes of eachother in one driving trip.

So I was up the hill, with no power up there, so I drove to the Lillis’. There was no power there, so we all drove downtown. Where there wasn’t power either. It was dark too.
 Like dark-dark
 Like end of the world-dark.
 Like Zombies waking up and eating your brains out-dark.

So we drove to Oakdale. For food. And Coldstone.

On the drive it rained so stinking hard, we had to slow down to like 35 where we would normally do like 70…

Then the lightning.

This wasn’t the normal light up part of the sky lightning.
This was light up the whole sky, like God playing with a light switch, hey look clouds, the road, a tree and over there by that sign, a little sparrow-type lightning.

Spent some time with a macho combo burrito. Then went to cold stone, had just a small (like it size) vanilla with just gummi bears in it. That was one of my favorite things to get in my frozen yogurt when we still had a tbcy’s. I used to get that and sometimes I would get Gumball instead. They would color the yogurt. Well one of the cute girls made a comment about my mexico sweatshirt. We tipped them and they sang and we left. I listed to Plankeye on the way home, and still am. Now I will go and sleep well.



7 thoughts on “Saturday April 1, 2006

  1. so_d_e_e_p

    Dude I know what you mean about storms. We had fifteen tornados a couple days ago. All of Kansas City and the north was hit hard. Wind going 70 miles an hour, hail the size of golf balls and baseballs, lightning every like 2 seconds and 15 tornadoes smacked into one beautiful storm. It was sweet. And they say more is on the way. May, is actually the REAL tornado season. This is coming in early.

  2. the_Spirit_is_Willing

    nice poetic writing on lightening and zombies. inventive. idk y the subscription doesn’t come up. cuz it should. and the name “calvin” came on mine. shrugs. technical difficulty. neway, sounds like some nightmarish memory (title).


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